We collaborate with a wide network of organisations, sharing our combined knowledge to build programmes that make a positive impact on society.

We work in partnership with vocational colleges and international partners, offering a flexible consultancy model which includes funding access, training and project management.

  • “It’s great to have a plan going into something, but as all educators know it’s very hard to stick to a plan in a school. Students change their mind or get cold feet, and you really can’t control everything. My advice is to constantly communicate with REY Europe, and let them know if issues come up. Things were always easier when I consulted RiSE International (formerly REY Europe) rather than trying to solve problems myself."

    Caroline, Tutor, Central Foundation Boys School

Previous consultancy work

Drawing on a broad range of backgrounds and expertise across our team, we’re involved in a variety of high-level consultancy projects.

We provide bespoke, quality support that matches the needs and requirements of our partners. Take a look at some of our previous consultancy projects.

International programme development

We’re driven to achieve environmental and social impact, with a particular focus on supporting women and young people to thrive.

In partnership with organisations in Africa and the Caribbean, we’re designing and developing programmes that respond to local needs and challenges.

College partnership model

If you’re looking for support to introduce, develop and sustain your own programme of international placements for your students, we can help.

We have a strong track record of accessing funding and delivering bespoke end to end projects for our growing network of VET college partners in the UK.

“RiSE International (formerly REY Europe) brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience of Erasmus+ projects. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

Donna, Travel & Tourism tutor, Matravers School

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Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do.

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