We offer Football Academy training placements in the Spanish city of Seville.

  • “The overall experience brought my team together in a much closer way as we did what we all loved, but away from home together. My future plan is to go to university to complete a Strength and Conditioning course, and pursue my goal of becoming a professional trainer. I now know that I can live away from home and support myself.”

    Harry, Sport student, Seville


Students might gain a range of experience and skills, including:

  • Testing and tracking overall fitness and performance
  • Learning and applying Spanish football theory and tactics
  • Leading a sport and exercise activity

From 2020, Physical Education students will also be able to complete placements in Rethymno, a seaside town on the Greek island of Crete.

Skill sets

Placements will be in local schools, working with Physical Education and Sports teachers. Students might gain a range of skills and experience, including:

  • Supporting sport and exercise classes with local PE and Sports teachers
  • Organising a school-based sporting event
  • Evaluating pupils’ progress in sport and exercise activities

Case studies will be published in spring 2020 once the first placement has taken place.


  • “Students trained at a local Spanish academy and learnt different ways to play and understand football. The Spanish style is far more technical than the English style of play so the knowledge complemented the group’s skills set. The group spent time on both the pitch and in the classroom, and developed their teamwork and communication skills whilst becoming much closer friends.”

    Pete, Football Academy tutor, Seville

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