We offer a variety of creative placements in the Spanish city of Barcelona and in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic.

  • “During our time at Mosaiccos, we learned and developed the skills to create mosaics using coloured glass and various types of ceramics. This included cutting and designing intricate patterns onto frames and magnets, later grouting them with multiple layers until we were happy with the results.”

    Adelle & Rennae, Creative Industry students, Barcelona


Some of our placements include:

  • Curating and selling artwork for galleries
  • Assisting with the interior design of restaurants
  • Working as a resident photographer

Skill sets

As each placement is unique our students might gain experience in a range of different areas, such as:

  • Learning how to take professional photos and using 3D editing software
  • Creating mosaics with coloured glass and various types of ceramics
  • Making fabric manipulations and constructing garment designs

Student Testimonials

  • “I had an amazing time in Barcelona working for Galeria Maxo where I learnt how to work independently to recreate art work and produce my own work. I really enjoyed the placement as it helped me gain more confidence in my decision making and gave me some great practical experience. I also found living on my own an eye opening experience as it helped me not only manage my own money, but also gave me an insight into what life would be like when I do eventually live on my own.”

    Wrenn, Creative Industry student, Barcelona
  • “I feel my experience of working and living in Barcelona has definitely made me mature professionally and I feel this will help me in the future when I decide to live independently. This whole experience has helped me learn that there is so much opportunity and hidden creativity you just have to find it and explore new places”.

    Creative Industry student, Barcelona

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