We offer a variety of business placements in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic

  • “I was helping with daily marketing tasks such as organising events and other activities. I created content for social media, writing blog posts and supporting market research. This work experience enabled me to open up the option of being able to study abroad, even in Prague itself. I have applied to study at university there.”

    Paskalia, Prague


Some of our placements include:

  • Market research and business planning
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Assisting in organising events

Skill sets

As each placement is unique our students might gain experience in a range of different areas, such as:

  • Identifying trends within a target market
  • Measuring the success of a business event and suggest improvements
  • Planning and launching a digital marketing campaign

Student testimonials

  • “The owner wanted to take his business to the UK and wanted me to carry out market research. My biggest achievement was being able to compose myself when given a responsible task, and to follow it through to make a real-life impact on the business.”

    Jason, on his placement in Prague
  • “When first hearing about the program, I instantly thought of all the benefits of working abroad. I worked for an NGO that was partnered with Samsung. The project focused on the career development of disadvantaged children. My biggest achievement was that I was able to create KPIs for my host institution that they were not able to create prior to my work placement there.”

    Jack, on his placement in Prague

Explore all our vocational areas

Our work experience placements across Europe are carefully designed to teach your
students valuable skills in their chosen areas of study. We work closely with our network of international partners to ensure that each and every placement is well structured, and that individuals are given all the support they need.